About Mediacast Holdings

Mediacast Holdings 

Mediacast Holdings invests in select high growth consumer facing products and services.  The team and its strategic investors bring a unique combination of marketing, private equity, corporate and entrepreneurial experience to rapidly scale companies in its portfolio.    

Mediacast Ventures 

Mediacast Ventures serves family offices to create, co-manage and expand their alternative asset capability.  Mediacast Ventures also creates, expands and manages corporate venture platforms representing some of the most recognized companies in media, entertainment, advertising, technology and consumer packaged goods and services.  The team has helped build, grow and manage some of the world’s largest businesses’ corporate venture groups over the past 15 years.

Mediacast Brand Portfolio 

Mediacast serves a portfolio of some of the world’s most recognized media and entertainment companies, personal brands and Consumer Packaged Goods and Services businesses.  Mediacast’s brand management platform creates and manages national marketing and launch platforms for each of its partners as well as creating new products and offerings, licensing opportunities, sales and channel expansion and corporate development.     

Media Arbitrage – Proven Proprietary Value

Each portfolio company in Mediacast Holdings, those managed by Mediacast Ventures and our Brand Portfolio benefits from our proprietary Media Arbitrage model.  Media Arbitrage was created by founder Ken Venturi who built National CineMedia’s private equity portfolio. There he traded theatrical advertising inventory in exchange for equity in emerging companies.   Mediacast evolved that model trading media inventory it aggregates across all channels; On-line, TV, Infomercial, Theatrical, Print and Radio at a discount to market rate and contributes the select media inventory at a markup as a non-cash component of each investment.  The mark up on the media results in additional non-cash equity and generates up to 20% leverage on each dollar deployed.    

Entrepreneurs, corporate venture groups, family offices and large brands all get the benefit of media aggregation and media discounts while Mediacast Investors and partners gain additional equity at no cost.